Compare prepaid sim card in Switzerland

Compare prepaid sim card in Switzerland

Prepaid sim cards in Switerland

Mobile connectivity has become a matter of utmost priority when traveling from one place to another. Whether it is a relative you are visiting, or maybe you are a tourist coming to Switzerland with thoughts of exploration imbibed inside, or maybe it is work that brought you to this beautiful land filled with lush green backdrops and landscapes to admire.

You would definitely need a mobile connection to stay connected to your friends and family back at home. In any of the cases, you might want to settle on a fresh prepaid SIM card as soon as you arrive. Although you could take advantage of roaming through your existing mobile network, we recommend switching to a local prepaid SIM card in Switzerland to avoid unnecessary expenses.

There might be a language barrier experienced while searching for the right network operator; take a peek at some of the popular mobile networks in Switzerland. Plus, you get customer service in English! To pick the best service, look for the mobile network, price, and other offerings, and then select the best package for uninterrupted surfing. We have selected the best prepaid sim card in Switzerland for you with the use of the following criteria:

swiss prepaid simcard
      Free SIM card
      Reliable network
      English speaking customer service
      Best Data volume/ price
      4-G Connection
      Fast delivery
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)


Pro’s /Con’s
#1 -The best prepaid SIM card provider
Yallo operator


A decent choice of prepaid network SIM card for expats considering the network connectivity of the brand is remarkably good and offers 1GB roaming in Europe, USA & Canada.

      The network connectivity is outstanding.
      Great customer service with options to chat and call to reach out to the representative
      No credit check is required to purchase a new prepaid SIM card.
      ✘  Their all in one package, including internet, calls, and SMSs, would cost slightly higher.
mobile prepaid operator


The Prepaid Easy S is a great network connectivity option for expats as there is no mandatory contract needed, and considering one might be in Switzerland only for a short duration, he would not be bounded by conditions included in the contract.

      As a new customer, you will get the first package free of cost, and you might end up utilizing the same expenses on managing your food and travel.
      Cheaper data and voice travel prepaid plans are available to get the maximum benefits in a shorter duration of your stay.
      A basic plan to start with is available at as low as 4.-
      For payment, both credit and post finance cards are acceptable.

coop operator


One of Switzerland’s most popular networks is a decent option for expats because of the low tariffs provided by Coop Mobile under their prepaid SIM card category with an equally faster internet speed 4G/LTE.

      Regardless of the prepaid package, you choose there is no expiry date so that a user could use their network without worrying about when the facility ends.
      There is no monthly fee incurred but just the basic one-time prepaid SIM card charges of CHF 19.80.
      Earn their Super points and pay using the same.
      A convenient option for expats by opting for their chatting package of 15 cents. You might want to switch to regular chatting than calling to save a considerable amount of money.
      ✘  The calling rate offered by Coop Mobile within their prepaid SIM card package is comparatively higher, i.e., CHF 0.29/min against o.25/min offered by Yallo.

swisscom operator


Great choice of prepaid SIM card network in Switzerland for expats who like their essentials to be planned out in advance since Swisscom offers head start by letting you buy the SIM card before arrival.

      In case of an emergency, you would be provided with an option to get advance credit in your mobile network.
      Buy their prepaid SIM card before arrival and let the journey take place without worrying about possible hindrances at the time of arrival.
      Unique customer service provided by Swisscom, reaching out to their English speaking representatives at Hello Switzerland, and getting an ultra-fast response on your query
      ✘  Limited offers when purchasing a SIM card without a subscription
      ✘  Only all-inclusive packages are available, no option to opt to a single plan of calls or internet surfing.

How to get a prepaid SIM card connection in Switzerland

Despite the promises made by your current mobile network, they would lack in providing equally seamless experience at an affordable cost when moving to a foreign land. By the time you arrive, you would have already realized why getting a local network instead would be lighter on your pocket.

However, considering Switzerland’s high living standards, thorough research might be needed to find a deal-breaker. Although there is enough free Wifi available on public transport and inside the cities in a country like Switzerland, getting your own local prepaid SIM card is wise. While some mobile network companies cost considerably higher, some offer great connectivity with plenty of affordable options to choose from based on your need.

Swisscom and Yallo are leading mobile network companies in Switzerland and offer great value packages. You might want to explore their cheapest packages that offer decent internet surfing along with calls and SMSs. Besides that, there is Coop Mobile, Budget Mobile, and a few other prepaid SIM card providers in Switzerland.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing a SIM card

  • We recommend considering prepaid SIM card operators in Switzerland who provide fast internet speed if you are visiting for work purposes.
  • Check for affordable call and SMS packages and utilize free Wifi for minimal internet surfing needs.
  • It is wise not to get into a phone contract in Switzerland unless you have longer plans of staying.

Advantages of prepaid SIM card

  • You would not be required to subscribe or stuck in multiple yearscontract by opting for the best prepaid SIM card in Switzerland.
  • A Swiss SIM card would allow you to make local calls and stay connected to your family back at home with similar benefits that are offered to a local citizen.

4-G coverage with a prepaid card

Had you been concerned about whether your prepaid SIM card would provide 4-G coverage or not, we suggest holding your horses since 4-G coverage is available even when using a prepaid SIM card in Switzerland. However, the knowledge of the best 4-G coverage network providers might come in handy when making a purchase upon your arrival. Swisscom and Sunrise are leading network providers in Switzerland and offer amazing mobile network coverage along with performance.

Based on the network tests, these two providers stand out in terms of excellent 4-G coverage. There are various internet data plans available with 4-G coverage that you might want to explore. The internet plays an important role when staying connected to the world around you, and especially for those visiting on work purposes, it gets critical to have good internet speed available with network providers offering 4-G coverage on prepaid SIM card plans, a great relief to expats who would have to otherwise wait and switch to subscription packages instead.

Prepaid vs. sim only in Switzerland

Choosing the right sim and its plan is the most crucial point when choosing a Sim in Switzerland. With a wide range of plans accessible, you may get confused. Let us tell you the difference between prepaid and sim only.

  • Prepaid: Prepaid sims will provide you with more freedom but will charge you more. However, if you do not use your phone as often, you should opt for prepaid since it is an easier and better option. If you are under 18, it’ll be your only best option since you may not be able to sign up for the mobile contract.
  • Sim Only: with a sim only, you will get unlimited data and be connected to other benefits. With a subscription, you will get unlimited data and use the internet whenever and wherever you want to, even if you are not connected to Wi-Fi.

FAQ about prepaid sim cards in Switzerland

While a pocket-friendly deal is often considered over other related benefits, it is equally essential to consider a few other basic points in choosing a prepaid SIM card provider.

Things to remember when opting for the cheapest provider:

  • A provider might not ask you for an initial fee; however, there might be extra cost to bear when buying monthly packages.
  • We recommend understanding your need beforehand, whether you use frequent internet or if calls & SMSs are sufficient to stay connected. Always compare the cost with other providers.
  • A few providers offer great benefits to their new customers. You might want to avail of their free of cost starting plans.
  • In case of emergencies, it proves to be useful if the customer care team is reachable. Ensure your network provider has an approachable team of representatives.

One of the best SIM card provider in terms of suitable & yet affordable monthly packages offered is undeniably Budget Mobile.


  • Under their Prepaid Easy S, the network provider is offering the first package free of cost. Plus, you do not have to sign any contract with them.
  • The packages offered by Budget Mobile are pretty pocket friendly.
  • You could also explore their basic plan that includes calls, SMS, and internet at 4.-/ month. Besides that, expect great customer service and don’t hesitate to call them directly in case of any query.

If for some reason, you have intended to stay for a longer period in Switzerland, you would want to ensure that you are on the best mobile network. A convenient way to keep the same number while switching to a network provider of your choice is also available, known as porting. The process of porting is pretty simple, and most of the mobile networks offer English speaking Customer service representatives to avoid the language barrier.

Considering there are so many network providers, this has led to providers competing with each other on the basis of providing the best connectivity solutions. It won’t be hard to find exactly what you are looking for.

There are at least more than 9 prepaid SIM card providers in Switzerland, with Swisscom and Sunrise being the most popular network providers. They provide fast internet speed 4G/LTE, along with a great customer service experience. Swisscom allows you to buy their SIM card prior to arrival. Yallo, Coop Mobile, and Budget Mobile are also recommended to find some great budgeted deals. Yallo offers a free SIM card with a credit of 10. – While Coop Mobile provides a unique chatting plan and one who is traveling on a budget could opt for a 4. – basic plan with Budget Mobile.