Compare mobile operators in Switzerland

Compare mobile operators in Switzerland

Mobile operators in Switzerland

Millions of foreigners move to Switzerland, the country with impressive scenic nature, rich life quality, the best healthcare, education, and excellent work opportunities. Where moving to this European country that boasts the world’s most prosperous economies, is exciting, it becomes daunting at the same time.

As you are new to the country, your daily life navigation can become challenging despite of the country’s exceptional facilities. But the best mobile operators in Switzerland can make it a lot easier for you.

Good mobile connectivity in this new nation keeps you connected with your near and dear ones. Now when it comes to the selection of mobile providers in Switzerland, you won’t get a single answer. As there are multiple phone contracts in Switzerland, to go for the best, you must consider all the essential things. These include data volume, calling minutes, internet download speed, SMS, price etc. We have selected the best mobile operators in Switzerland for you with the use of the following criteria:

mobile phone provider
      Flexible contracts
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Free SIM card
      Reliable network
      English speaking customer service
      Best Data volume/ price
      4G Connection


Pro’s /Con’s
#1 -The best Swiss mobile operator
Alao operator


Alao is a great comparison site that offers reliable plans from different service providers. You can find your perfect plan within 5 minutes. The full process is digital, meaning that customers can do the verification and sign the contract digitally. Aloa tries to provide the best prices on the market so customers save up to 60%, because they have reduced unnecessary costs like activation fees and/or SIM card costs. Website is available in English  

      Clear contracts for easy understanding.
      Great customer service if anything goes wrong.
      Several great deals from different service providers.
      The interface chooses the best plan for you.

yallo operator


It is one of Switzerland’s largest telecommunications organizations, which offers internet, mobile, landline and TV services to both business and private customers.

      Offers great customer service via chat, telephone, or email. 
      Great packages that are easy to understand.
      Several amazing subscriptions to choose from. 
      Separate deals for roaming packages. 
      English website
wingo operator


Wingo owns large reliable network – 4G network everywhere – Monthly terminable SIM Only – Free SIM card and a convenient App

      Great packages that are easy to understand.
      Reliable customer service, available on chat, telephone, and official website.
      Send 30 SMS and call 30 minutes worldwide for only CHF 15.
      You can enjoy mobile subscriptions all over Switzerland and Western Europe.
      The prepaid connection allows you to make unlimited calls. 
M-budget operator


M-budget is a great mobile operator that includes a partnership between Migros and Swisscom. Like most mobile operators in Switzerland they offer mobile subscriptions for within Switzerland and mobile subscriptions for within the European Union.

      Offers high customer satisfaction.
      Affordable packages with amazing deals.
      Best network in this region.
      English speaking customer service.
      ✘  No English website.
      ✘  Network problems in some areas.

Mobile operators in Switzerland

When you are in Switzerland, finding a reliable mobile phone contract in Switzerland is a must. Always consider what type of package would be best for you before selecting a mobile operator. As you will find the different types of packages from various mobile operators, so you must know the different types of subscriptions, you will get in Switzerland.

Here are the common types of mobile subscriptions which you can choose from:

Prepaid– If you want calling, data pack, and texting facility, you must opt for a prepaid SIM card. It will be the best option for you if your stay duration in the country is not that long. It would cost you much cheaper than what you will pay for roaming.

SIM-only– If you don’t want to change your mobile device, then you can go for SIM-only facilities. If your stay in Switzerland is going to be long, SIM-only in Switzerland would be the best option to go with. These special deals are more reliable and cheaper. 

Post-paid– Post-paid comes with several benefits. When you opt for post-paid, there is no need to worry about low balance or the inability to recharge. These are much affordable, as considered to others. It is a great deal if your stay in Switzerland is going to take long. Several bonuses can be gained with a post-paid mobile connection. 

There are several factors that you must consider if you are opting for a SIM-only plan:

  • To operate a SIM-only plan, firstly, your mobile device should be unlocked.
  • Select the size of the SIM card according to your handset. As there are different sizes in SIM cards like basic, micro, and nano. 
  • Select that package, which you can afford easily without disturbing your budget.
  • Choose a reliable mobile operator that offers great deals and can satisfy all your requirements.
  • Always compare different packages because then you will know which company is providing the best deal for you.
  • In Switzerland, numerous mobile providers offer amazing packages; you must choose the one that provides a fair deal for you.

FAQ about internet providers in Switzerland

It is always best to compare different packages first if you want to find the cheapest mobile providers. You must consider some factors like speed, affordability, price, duration, and network coverage before selecting a particular mobile operator.

All these factors are essential and select that package, which can easily satisfy all your needs. Once you have a reliable package, compare it with others to know the differences of the things that you are missing out. is the best mobile operator in Swtizerland. They offer great deals at good rates. Wingo is the most popular and used by a lot of people in Switzerland. All the packages they provide are easy to understand and offer a great network connection all over Switzerland and Western Europe.

Also, they have great customer service, which is always available for you in case of an emergency. You can reach them out via chat, telephone, email, and the official website.

They offer several amazing packages depending upon the needs of the customer. You call for 30 minutes and send 30 SMS worldwide only for CHF 15. Also, unlimited calls are offered with prepaid SIM cards.

There might be several reasons why you want to switch from one mobile provider to another. You can easily change your mobile operator, as there are numerous service providers in Switzerland. 
You can switch to another operator at the end of your contract or cancel it during the period. Also, you can port your existing number without paying the extra fees.

Usually, you have to visit a store to sign a new contract or use customer care to port your number to another mobile connection. Once your request is processed, your number will be ported to the new cellular connection within 1 to 3 working days.

Going with mobile portability would be the best option for you, as you don’t have to update your mobile number again in your bank, office, and other places.