Car leasing in Switzerland

Car leasing in Switzerland

How to lease cars in Switzerland

When you move to a new place for any reason, being able to swiftly commute helps a lot. That is why when you are new to a particular place, you could lease a vehicle and explore the place, while also getting settled in this different atmosphere. In case you are in Switzerland and are looking for car leasing, you have reached the right place. This article will help you understand how car leasing in Switzerland works and detail the other information and procedures.

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Rating in Switzerland partners with local garages to source the most suitable car deals from all over the country, catering to your specific needs. Our sustainable approach offers a wide range of new and used cars, ensuring you have ample choices for your expat journey. Moreover, they offer an English website and contracts.

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Rating offers outstanding leasing deals in Switzerland. They connect you with a wide network of trusted dealers, each offering an extensive range of brands. You’ll enjoy the benefits of low leasing rates and unparalleled flexibility. Discover your vehicle, easily on their platform, designed to make your leasing experience seamless and cost-effective. Swiss website only.

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At, you’ll find the perfect car rental solution in Switzerland. They provide access to a broad selection of vehicles, from compact to luxury, suited for any occasion. Experience the convenience of easy bookings, flexible terms, and competitive rates, all on their user-friendly platform. A bit more expensive, but they offer great service and English website. Sixt offers the widest range of different cars.


Car leasing in Switzerland

Car leasing is not an alien concept. It is very similar to the process of renting or leasing a house. Earlier, there used to be only reputed car dealing companies in the market. However, given the digital boom, there are many providers online. Both leasing and buying have their own set of pros and cons. There is always depreciation in car value over the years. In the case of buying, if you could sell your purchased car and make up for it, you can pay less depreciation cost when it comes to leasing. You can calculate the costs before making a choice. That said, the re-selling process and quick investment choices might make buying a difficult choice. Don’t fret, there are plenty of leasing options in Switzerland.

Kinds of car leasing in Switzerland

Car leasing in Switzerland is definitely going to be different from car leasing in Zurich or car leasing in Geneva because each place has its own rules, regulations and practices. In Switzerland, there are three types of car leasing.

Term Leasing – The leasing is offered mostly from 12 months to 60 months in Switzerland. Like in most places, the rate reduces as you choose for a longer stay, with one year being the most expensive investment.

Kilometer Leasing – Your stay might be for a shorter period but you might be required to travel a lot or vice versa. During such times, you can even opt for the plan of kilometer leasing. You can choose the required mileage and avoid paying more for the extra kilometers covered at the time of return.

Residual Value Leasing – In this model, you can even buy your car at the end of the contract. But this purchase option should be explicit in the contract. It is also important to note that you may have to pay a higher amount in certain cases. If you opt for this plan, you can get your finances ready beforehand.

Tips to save money while car leasing

Down payment – When you enquire about car leasing brands, you must first figure out the down payment rate required to be made. In case you are in town only for a limited period, it would be wise to search and choose a dealer who offers leases on low down payment rates. Not only would the process of returning be easier, but it would also be a hassle for you to invest so much for a very short stay. That said, if you are here for a longer period, a higher down payment is the best choice. Such down payments often come with low residual value, which means you can pay less at the end of the contract.

Hidden Costs – Hidden costs are common in any kind of contract you may sign; it is not limited to just car leasing. Therefore, you must be aware of all the additional costs you are expected to pay. Besides these hidden costs, payments are to be made for road tax, yearly insurance costs and expenses made on repair. You can check with the particular dealer about an all-inclusive package and check carefully for any hidden costs before leasing your car.

Credit – It is difficult to get credit in Switzerland as you must have lived at least a year to become eligible for credit.

Flexibility – In any kind of contract, a certain flexibility helps. If the dealers are ready to have extension plans, it will be useful even if your stay in the town extends. Likewise, it would help if there is something in plan in case you have to move out earlier than you thought. So, do check with the dealers about these facilities before booking the car.

Mileage – Along with the contract period, you may also be required to choose a certain mileage you require. It is always advisable to choose a higher mileage option than the one that you need as having a few extra miles is better than using it beyond the maximum point as usage of additional kilometers might cost you more.


While we need a vehicle for easy commuting, not everyone can choose to buy one, especially if you need it only for a temporary period. Therefore, you can easily lease a car or rent one to enjoy your days in Switzerland. There are many best car brands to lease in this place with no hidden fees and many good features. All you need is a properly planned car leasing that could help you save a lot of money.

FAQ about car leasing in Switzerland

It is good to use a used car because you can save a lot as they are more affordable. But be warned, choose a car that is not more than two years old and ensure it still has good mileage and is in good condition. Otherwise, you might have to spend on repairing the vehicle whatever amount you saved on buying.

Apart from the basic details about the car, its working condition and other details, you should dig a little about the car leasing company. You should do your background search by finding the reviews online, checking the kind of cars and services they offer, the terms and conditions in the lease contract and ensuring that their customer service is ready to help you anytime.

The eligibility highly depends on the kind of dealer you may work with. To avoid confusion, you can contact a few leasing organizations before moving to Switzerland.