Compare dating sites in Switzerland

Compare dating sites in Switzerland

Dating sites in Switzerland

Relocating to a new country is always challenging, especially when you are not familiar with the surroundings, culture, etc. of the new place. During such times, a special someone or a dating partner by your side can help you in making your stay comfortable in the new country.

But finding like-minded people in a new country is also not an easy task. When you are in Switzerland, it becomes trickiest. Though Swiss people are considered the most beautiful, at the same time, understanding them becomes a little difficult.

As there are various cultural differences and every individual is also different, so understanding your partner becomes a little tough. But thanks to the Swiss dating sites, that helps you find your special someone on the free dating sites in Switzerland. Dating sites in Switzerland help you understand your partner before heading for a first offline date.

If language is a constraint for you, then Swiss dating sites in English are also available for you. Sign in to your preferred Swiss dating app to find a like-minded partner for life long romantic relationship. The websites will guide you well about their different dating options and help you choose the best one. However, this will take a lot of time. We have selected the best dating providers in Switzerland for you with the use of the following criteria:

Woman online dating in swizterland
      A mobile app
      Highest success rates
      Free registration
      Easy signup process
      English speaking customer service
      Intelligent matchmaking algorithm
      Safety and anonymity


Pro’s /Con’s
#1 -The best Swiss dating site
partner dating sites


Great website for expats because you are certain to stumble upon like-minded & educated singles who are ready for commitments and have their priorities set.

      An amazing success rate of 42% among premium members.
      Find suitable matches based on the website’s robust algorithms and matching criteria.
      70-80 percent of singles are strong in academics.
      Ensure privacy and maintain high standards of security.
      Focuses on delivering high-quality customer service.
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A decent choice of a website with a balanced ratio of men & women, you will find serious singles hence not recommended for those aiming at casual affairs.

      First things first! The site is secured with SSL encryption hence protect your personal information.
      The balanced ratio of men & women is what stands out.
      A high rate of singles brilliant in academics
      They ask you to fill a personality form that delivers the best results.
      ✘  The slightly lower success rate of 38 percent
swiss dating


This is one of Switzerland’s popular dating websites because of an impressive user interface, availability of tested profiles, and choice to moderate photos & texts.

      It has an advanced security system while identifying the user’s location through an IP address.
      A seamless process of registration on the site
      Unique customer service where the app keeps checking on you once a week
      Find only tested profiles on the website.
      ✘  As you proceed with adding information, you get 20 questions to answer. Might become tiring!
      ✘  You will only find younger singles less than 35 years old.
edarling logo dating switzerland


What makes this website an optimal choice for expats is that the members fall between 30 and 55, all looking at long-term commitments.

      Get 3-7 daily brief introductions based on a member’s individual preferences.
      Automatic filtration of inactive users, so you only focus on who is actively looking for a partner.
      A personality test ensures that you are meeting with like-minded singles.
      ✘  The personality test is lengthy, which goes beyond 30 minutes and hence might become tiring. There are almost 200 questions that you would have to answer.
      ✘  To be able to see the photos of other members, you would need to register as a premium user.
      ✘  It is not recommended for the younger audience as you will only find older singles between the ages of 30 to 55 years old.

Dating in Switzerland-Contrary to the other European countries, Switzerland has men and women of conservative nature. They spend time before getting involved with someone; however, once satisfied, and they would choose long time commitment over casual affairs. However, the rate of marriages has dropped considerably over the past years, and the young audience is refraining from getting hitched.

How to get a date in Switzerland

There are ways to find a suitable date in Switzerland. For instance, you might want to attend the local events or parties to bump into a like-minded individual. Another way is to have your friends introduce you to their friends. This ensures you are not meeting with a complete stranger. Lastly, the best option to find a date is through dating sites in Switzerland. There aremany Swiss dating sites in English that make your search for a partner faster while keeping your personal details secured. While some are paid, there are other free dating sites in Switzerland too.

What are some difficulties experienced by Expats in dating? The major difference lies in the culture that the people of Switzerland live by. They are conservative, and women generally allow men to make the first move. For someone who recently moved to the country to settle and is unaware of the culture could find it difficult to interact positively with the opposite gender. Switzerland’s humans are not a great fan of marriage; however, they certainly believe in love.

Different dating sites available in Switzerland

There was a time when the idea of dating online was generally frowned upon. However, similar to other European countries, searching for a life partner through a dating site in Switzerland has gained popularity. Today, there are various paid and free dating sites in Switzerland to meet with like-minded and attractive singles. While most of the Switzerland dating sites are highly secure to use and do not compromise on personal information, it is essential to register with higher quality ones.

The best dating sites:

  1. eDarling-They offer both paid and free membership; watching photos is limited to premium members.
  2. LoveScout24- The site offers a premium account to be able to communicate with a preferred single.
  3. Meeti-Although the site lets you send an initial emoticon, you would have to buy a premium membership for further communication.
  4. Parship- Both the standards, as well as premium registration, are available.
  5. ElitePartner- The site offers both free and paid services.

While there are plenty of dating sites in Switzerland, we have curated a list of the most trustworthy sites. There is always a risk of having personal informational information misused, and hence a highly recognizable dating site ensures that you share information safely. Plus, you meet genuine singles!

Tips and Tricks to date a Swiss woman or a man

One would find plenty of single ex-pats discussing the horrors of initiating a date with a Swiss man or woman who seems reserved and weirdly unapproachable. They often find themselves in no one’s land, and that is not good.

Tips & Tricks that might come handy-

  • A dating site would only provide enough, but the rest depends on you solely. Moving from phone to face-to-face interactions might take efforts, and you got to be prepared. Love requires nurturing, after all!
  • The women of Switzerland are pretty much reserved and would expect a man to approach her instead. Besides that, you would be dealing with a bunch of shy women and hence encourage them to open up for a brief conversation.
  • Don’t be surprised to know that Swiss people prefer to share the cost of dinner or a lunch date 50-50. Younger girls, however, would like their date to pay.
  • Ensure that you are ready to embrace the idea of independence in a relationship.

The above-mentioned tips & tricks would allow room for successful dates. Happy dating in Switzerland!

Advantages of online dating in Switzerland

Online dating experiences can be twisted and mixed from great conversations too boring. Some people have the best experience others have stories filled with frustration. However, online dating makes the chances of securing a successful date higher than conventional dating. Let us explain the benefits of online dating in Switzerland.

  • Easy To Get Started: although many often fear taking the plunge, online dating will be the best and easy option for those who want to get out there and connect with more people. Taking your time and making the best online dating profile is best. With this, you can easily connect with people, and they can even connect with you.
  • Be Picky Without Judgement: with online dating, countless people are available. With plenty of people, you can connect, and it will allow you to be as picky as you want to be. With a little browsing, you can understand more about the type of people available.

FAQ about dating sites in Switzerland

When you are a newbie to online dating, we recommend selecting a budget-friendly and affordable dating site initially. This would allow you to discontinue using online dating at any given point, and that too without having spent too much. Once you are thorough with the online dating process and find it suitable based on your personality, perhaps then you could switch to an expensive dating site.

Things to consider when finding a cheaper dating site

  • Do not get lured by the tag of FREE. Read the instructions and understand whether the site is really free, or are there some conditions.
  • Arrange a list of average dating sites and compare the price along with the quality. Better quality with a slightly higher price than free is any day preferable.
  • Check for freebies as some paid websites also provide luxury to choose their free membership with limited access, of course.

Although the number of dating sites in Switzerland is higher, some comparatively offer a better quality of singles.The most popular dating websites in Switzerland are eDarling, LoveScout24, Meeti, Parship, and ElitePartners. A great choice for ex-pats to get gradually accustomed to the idea of falling in love and create memorable stories. Most of these sites favor serious relationships and have incorporated in-depth personality tests for a better match.

Top reasons these websites are the best-

  • Advanced search features to find the right prospects.
  • Both free and paid membership is available based on the requirement.
  • In-depth personality tests to ensure you have found a closer match to your expectations.
  • Great customer service.
  • Advanced security and safety to ensure that personal information remains safe.
  • Eliminates the profiles of inactive members
  • Safe from scammers, and you would only find genuine individuals.

It is possible to find a dating site not suitable for your preference at times. Hence, one might like switching to a better site that offers what you essentially desired in those cases. It is equally important to switch in case of realizing that your personal information is not safe.

Tips for switching a dating site-

  • Identify what you intend to achieve through a dating site.
  • A website that takes your personality test is often suitable considering you prefer long term commitment over casual affairs.
  • Find a site that has members of your age group.
  • Before getting a paid membership, search through profiles with a free membership and then decide if you find suitable profiles or not.
  • Choose a website with high-quality safety and security standards.
  • The one with great customer service is helpful when facing any issues.

Consider the above-mentioned tips to make a wise decision.

There are more than 15 dating sites available in Switzerland, out of which the best 5 are-

a) eDarling- The site ensures you meet with genuine and like-minded singles between 30 and 55 years old. As compared to other sites, the personality test is in-depth and requires more than 30 minutes to complete.

b) LoveScout24- The site offers a simple registration along with basic & advanced search features. Besides that, it also ensures you are doing okay and hence is continuously tracking your performance.

c) Meetic- What qualifies for being one of Switzerland’s most popular dating sites is the amazing customer service offered. Unlike other dating sites, Meeti has a blog section filled with articles on dating advice.

d) Parship Similar to eDarling, the site asks you to take a lengthy personality test. Free membership provides you enough information about your soul mate.

e) ElitePartner- The site displays one of the strongest algorithms that help in making the search experience seamless. Send smiles for free!