Moving to Switzerland

Moving to Switzerland

Tips for relocating to Switzerland

You know you are moving to Switzerland, but what next? While you must be thrilled with the idea of moving to a gorgeous country, the thought of going through heavy paperwork required upon your arrival might be daunting. Hence, it is essential to prepare yourself beforehand and ensure there is a checklist to guide you throughout.

Brace yourself for a checklist:
Prepare a priority list of essentials required as soon as you arrive, which is sure to come in handy when settling in Switzerland. For instance, to begin a transaction, you would require a bank account while ensuring you stay connected throughout a suitable mobile network is a must. If you are moving with your family, you would have to look for schools that provide the best education, whereas dating apps could help in finding a perfect match so that the place feels like home.

Besides all, it is essential to gather details related to immigration so that you have everything handy once you arrive in the country. You might want to know the immigration norms prior to arrival for a hassle-free experience. Switzerland has become a top-notch choice for expats, given the high quality of life, excellent schools, and high income. Citizens on a large scale are moving from the USA to Switzerland in search of a better job, which is otherwise difficult to find in their native land.

For EU citizens moving to Switzerland, there is no visa required unless someone is planning to stay longer than three months. However, for other citizens moving from different countries, they would require a valid Visa. Whether you are here for study purposes, have a job, or maybe moving to Switzerland without a job, you would need the essentials in place. Don’t worry! Through our Moving to Switzerland guide, you would be able to prepare yourself before you land. We’ve got you covered!

Administration – How to Get Yourself Registered in Switzerland

Whether you are at a planning stage or have just moved to Switzerland, you might want to use our moving to Switzerland guide to getting accustomed to the documentation that goes in the background. It is equally useful to get familiar with both the pros and cons of moving to Switzerland.

It may not appear surprising that you would have to let the local authorities know of your planned stay in Switzerland. For EU citizens moving to Switzerland, you would have to get registered within 14 days of your arrival, whereas for non-EU citizens, we recommend getting a residence permit if you don’t have one already.

Following are the documents required for registration:

  • A valid identity proof
  • You are required to submit valid proof of health insurance coverage. In case you do not have any yet, you would be allowed to submit later within a period of 3 months.
  • A passport size photograph
  • A valid document of employment and for students, you would have to submit the registration certificate.
  • A rental agreement to prove your stay in Switzerland
  • We recommend getting one if you have not yet finalized your stay in Switzerland.

Bank Account

One of the essentials to start a hassle-free stay in Switzerland is getting a bank account. The withdrawal of money from an overseas bank sounds fine but may not be suitable for someone who is staying in the country for a longer period. The banks in Switzerland are known to deliver excellent services, and the procedure is slightly hectic for non-Swiss citizens.

However, now that you have registered yourself at the local municipal authority, you are good to proceed further with opening a bank account. We recommend beginning at the basic level, which is to compare in terms of initial cost and customer service. We suggest you go with the bank that offers customer service in English for better communication. Similar to any other bank in the world, a bank in Switzerland would require you to prove your identity. You would need to provide certain documents for a bank to verify that you are a Swiss resident now.

What would you need to open a bank account in Switzerland?

  • Proof of address
  • Passport ID
  • A letter proving your employment

It may appear like a task but opening a bank account is simple. You just need to have all the required documents in place. You are good to go!

Mobile Operators

Mobile connectivity is a matter of concern, especially in a foreign land where you are new and would love the idea of staying connected to your family back in your native land. While you could remain on your existing mobile network, it is ideal for switching to a local plan to avoid unnecessary expenses. Swisscom is a leading mobile operator in Switzerland and provides efficient 4G/LTE coverage. It is a highly preferred optical fiber network in Switzerland. You could choose from their varied prepaid SIM card plans.

You would have to submit valid documents such as proof of address, Passport ID, and a letter proving your employment for a local mobile network.

How do you choose a suitable mobile operator?

  • Compare the price and offerings by different mobile operators.
  • Identify your needs; whether you require more internet or the calls are going to be extensive.
  • There are operators who offer specific plans such as purely internet or calls. You could choose!
  • A bundled plan is recommended for those who rely on each mode of communication, including SMSs.

You could apply for a mobile connection even before you arrive. That would ensure you stay connected throughout and could update your loved ones instantly.

Prepaid Internet

Mostly, you would get options for high-speed data plans when purchasing a prepaid SIM card in Switzerland. Swisscom is a leading mobile network in Switzerland and offers a variety of plans. You might want to check other mobile network operators to ensure that you get the best rates and better connectivity. We realize how important a role Internet plays in our work lives. If you are in Switzerland for work purposes, you would undoubtedly require the internet to complete your day’s major tasks. A high-speed data is a foremost necessity, and we would help you in making the right selection.

Tips to get a prepaid internet connection in Switzerland:

  • Firstly, you would have to subscribe to enjoy unlimited internet plans offered by companies such as Swisscom.
  • For the initial phase, while you are still settling in, you might want to use the free Wifi available in cafes and inside the public transport.
  • Always compare! There might be operators who offer better connectivity at a slightly lower rate than others. Besides Swisscom, Yallo is another network provider that offers suitable plans.
  • Consider opting for a network that offers customer service in English so that you get instant help when required.

Internet Providers in Switzerland

When searching for a suitable internet provider, you would be bombarded with options. You sure don’t want to be left hung! While there are plenty of internet providers in Switzerland, the good news is almost each of these offers uninterrupted internet service.

The technology is advanced, and you can get high-speed internet access through the optic fiber, cable, or wireless connection. Depending on your requirement, the cost may vary. Prior to the connection, it is essential to identify your needs, whether it for work purposes, general surfing, or purely entertainment. Based on the requirement, one would be able to get a suitable internet connection in Switzerland.

One of the preferable internet providers for expats is Yallo considering the cost and the connectivity offered. We recommend comparing the price as well as the plan with other internet providers so that you know you have the best internet connection.

An internet connection is a must to ensure your work is not interrupted as well as you could stay engaged while settling in a new country. A residence proof is required to get a connection, and you would have to submit to your preferred provider along with other documents such as a valid identification number.

Dating in Switzerland

One cannot deny the need for a partner, especially when you are new to a place a partner could prove to be helpful in dealing with a general life crisis. A partner is indeed great support! Having said, finding an ideal partner in a country that you barely know about gets difficult. There are various dating sites in Switzerland that allow you to meet like-minded individuals to spend quality time with. Prior to moving to a dating app, it is essential to gather information about dating culture in Switzerland. You surely don’t want to offend your date, do you?

You will find conservative individuals in Switzerland who takes immense interest in knowing the opposite gender before getting involved. Women generally allow men to take the initiative and are very careful while taking a step further. A dating app sounds like a suitable start to indulge in dating, and you might find someone like-minded you would like to spend your life with. We recommend being honest when adding your details to the dating profile so that there is room to build trust.

Although people are the same everywhere, the culture could vary and hence, we suggest you take efforts to understand how people in Switzerland like spending their lives.