Compare Internet providers in Switzerland

Compare Internet providers in Switzerland

Internet providers in Switzerland

Have you recently moved to Switzerland, the land of striking landscape, peaceful ambiance, and cosmopolitan cities? It is a famous place where ex-pats prefer to live in for better job opportunities or for higher studies. After moving to this beautiful country, one needs an internet connection to stay connected and wander the country without losing routes.

But with a plethora of choices, figuring out the best ISP is tough. You need to compare the different internet providers in Switzerland to determine the one that matches your budget and data usage requirements.

Most of the internet Switzerland providers do not offer their website in English, which makes it difficult for foreigners to understand their internet service offerings. In fact, few ISPs ask the ex-pats to provide their details along with a valid ID copy to get an internet subscription.

To pick the best service, look for the internet speed, price, and other offerings and then select the best package for uninterrupted surfing. We have selected the best internet providers in Switzerland for you with the use of the following criteria:

Internet service provider Switzerland
      Low price / speed
      English websites
      Different connection options
      Customer service quality
      Flexible and transparent contracts
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Fast and stable network


Pro’s /Con’s
#1 -The best internet provider in Switzerland

Alao internet providers


Aloa is a comparison platform where you can easily compare internet deals between different internet providers. You can find your perfect plan within 5 minutes. The full process is digital, meaning that customers can do the verification and sign the contract digitally. They offer the ratings of service providers and comments from other users. Moreover, they offer support in English and have an English website

      Easy comparison overview
      English website
      Support in English
      Friendly customer support
      Flexible and transparent contracts
Yalloo internet provider


Yallo is one of the largest telecom companies in Switzerland. The company offers fast internet at a great price. It is possible to get great discounts if you order a mobile subscription together with a wifi broadband connection.

      24/7customer service available in English
      Flexible and transparent contracts
      Fast installation
      High speed and no activation cost
      All-in-one package
Wingo operator


Wingo is a new player disrupting the telecom market in Switzerland. They offer flexible contracts which are monthly terminable.

      Friendly customer support
      Fast internet
      Great installation time
      Good pricing
      ✘  Website not available in English
swisscom operator


Swisscom offers high speed internet in Switzerland. Great speed at an affordable price.

      Best bundle offers
      Website available in English
      ✘  Slow installation
      ✘  Setup charges of CHF 59 for the new subscriptions
      ✘  Poor technical support

Internet connections in Switzerland

When you are new to the country, finding the best internet connection in Switzerland might seem challenging to you. But it is not that tough as it seems.
Internet providers are constantly striving hard to expand their offerings as per the consumer needs. Below are the different internet connections that you can choose:

  • ADSL/VDSL:ADSL and VDSL are the common broadband services available in Switzerland. Depending on the provider and location, the download speeds of ASDL can reach up to 24Mbps. However, if you are planning to download or stream media, it is recommended to upgrade to VDSL.
  • Fibre: Fiber optics offer Internet access using light beams via special mirrored tubes. This option delivers the Internet up to 1 Gbps. Also, there is no loss of signal due to bad weather conditions. Fiber optics are also tougher to hack in comparison to the copper wiring.
  • Cable Internet:Cable-internet uses the copper cable, and the information is sent via electricity. You can establish a reliable and speedy cable-internet connection for your home by calling a local cable company.
  • Compare internet connections and pick the provider that makes the most attractive offers and provides affordable subscriptions.

These are common types of internet connectivity in Switzerland. When you compare the internet connections of different operators, you can come across various other types.

Documents required to get internet connectivity are:

  • Resident permit
  • European passport
  • Proof of address
  • Personnummer that is obtained from Tax Agency

All in 1 packages in Switzerland

The all-in-1 package refers to the bundling of two or more services at a discounted price. For example, packaging the internet, Television, and home phone in one.

Different ISPs offer diverse packages, and the right bundle can help you save money on the monthly services. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of availing it:

Only One Time Pay
You do not need to choose a phone, cable TV, internet, and bundle daily. It means you do not need to call different companies to negotiate your rate. 

Get Special Perks 
Many internet service providers offer the bundle containing special features like an upgrade to your internet speed and more. Thus, pick the best bundle for you according to your needs.

Free-of-Cost Installation 
One of the best things about a bundle is that you will get everything installed for free of cost. The installation will be a lot speedier when you install the all-in-one package.

Contract Requirements 
Few ISPs that offer discounts on bundles typically ask you to sign a contract. Canceling it early might end up in paying hefty fees.

FAQ about internet providers in Switzerland

Follow the tips below to find an affordable internet provider:

a) Compare Diverse Pricing Options
All service providers in Switzerland are not created equal. Thus, it’s best to compare the prices and other important features offered by the ISPs in your region. You can find out the internet providers serving your area using

b) Determine What Service You Are Looking for
Depending on your needs and usage, choose the best ISP that will help you save money.

c) Sign an Additional Contract 
If you have planned to reside in Switzerland for a long time, sign up for a one or two-year contract. 

d) Buy Your Own Router and Modem 
Many cheap internet providers will happily lease you a modem and wireless router for one month. But as time passes, that fee increases. Thus, ensure the modem and routers you buy are fully compatible with your internet provider. 

Yallo Internet is the best internet provider in Switzerland. It delivers the speed and data you need. Below are the benefits:

a) Home Internet Offer
If you pick a home internet option, you get a 30% discount. Go grab the exclusive offer today.

b) Clear Service Contracts
This ISP offers clarity on what customers should expect. Also, the terms and conditions are transparent.

c) Fast Speed
Yallo is one of the easiest ways to receive a 4G internet connection in Switzerland. No matter which internet plan you pick, you will enjoy the service trouble-free and get an awesome experience every time you use.

d) Customer Service
Another big benefit of Yallo is its incredible customer service 24*7. Whether you have doubts about the internet plan or other, you can call the savvy reps for free. Their website is available in multiple languages, including English, which is great for foreigners. 

Whether it’s because you are spending too much or tired of watching the buffering, switching to the internet provider is easy in Switzerland. Just follow this guide:

a) Determine Your Internet Needs
Understand why you want to switch to another internet service provider. Do you want to save money? Are you looking for a fast upload speed? 

b) Find out Early Canceling Fees
Some internet providers might charge you a hefty fee for canceling subscription early. Thus, it’s best to contact your current ISP and explore what extra costs you need to pay if you cancel it. 

c) Discover and Compare Other Internet Service Providers  
Find out the different internet providers in your region, compare their offerings, and make a list of the best ones. 

d) Select the Best Internet Provider 
Now, it’s time to pick the best ISP that matches your needs well and helps you save some money. Call your new service provider and move ahead.